Friday, December 12, 2008

Photoe Linck Blorg

Click & take a look at some photos of the Golden Tissues show!
Some are from the opening night, some from the walls. I will try and update some of the information, and post close-ups later.

Also: I have been interviewed on the Top Drawer blog, go read it & try not to fall asleep before you reach the bottom of the page.

What else? I also posted some photos of my trip to the A.P.E. comic book convention in S.F. I will also try and write info/names on these soon. Also, I should add more photos.


Just added! Some photos I took at the Portland Comic Book Show 11/11/2007.
I had a good time, and got some decent comic books. If you collect comic books and are in Portland, you should check it out (link): Portland Comic Book Show

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