Monday, May 31, 2010

The Latest Swamp Link Lump

Hello! I'm posting a link round-up to help you check some of my stuff out.

My pieces for the GRSF Tree Show are currently for sale at the Giant Robot website, along with plenty of other cool art, so click & buy! Time is running out!

Bogwitch #3 is available from Patrick Keck's Sinus Problem; I drew the full-color back cover and a couple of black & white interior pages in this freaky anthology, click & order now!

Also, the Funny (Not Funny) catalog is now available at Powell's City of Books, so if you live in Portland, come down & buy a copy!

Thanks for reading all this self-promotional jibber jabber, and thanks for looking at my blog. I've recently added the helpful tag system to the sidebar over there, to help you find the entries you are interested in. The bulk of sketchbook & other drawings & paintings are labeled SWAMP, so click on that for (mostly) news-free viewing & fun.

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