Friday, December 12, 2008

Photoe Linck Blorg

Click & take a look at some photos of the Golden Tissues show!
Some are from the opening night, some from the walls. I will try and update some of the information, and post close-ups later.

Also: I have been interviewed on the Top Drawer blog, go read it & try not to fall asleep before you reach the bottom of the page.

What else? I also posted some photos of my trip to the A.P.E. comic book convention in S.F. I will also try and write info/names on these soon. Also, I should add more photos.


Just added! Some photos I took at the Portland Comic Book Show 11/11/2007.
I had a good time, and got some decent comic books. If you collect comic books and are in Portland, you should check it out (link): Portland Comic Book Show

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Golden Tissues

I have just finished hanging the artwork for the December show at Pony Club.
If you are Portland during the next couple of weeks, come take a look and freak off.
The opening night reception is the first Thursday of December, the
4th, from 6pm until 10.


Pony Club presents Golden Tissues
A delicious freshly boiled collection of scientifically created,
fantasy fueled factual autopsies, mostly flat, frequently black &
white, some colored pigments, all seeing, all of the time.
featuring artwork by:

Nate Ashley
Chris Cilla
Birch J. Cooper
Theo Ellsworth
Vincent Fritz
Tim Goodyear
John Hankiewicz
Ben Henry
Ryan Iverson
Tom Lechner
Jason T. Miles
Emily Nilsson
Jennifer Parks
Tony Remple
Tim Root
Zack Soto
Mark Thompson
Dylan Williams
James Williams

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kramers Ergot 7

Here are some not-too-helpful sneak previews of my 2 page full-color comic in the newest issue of Kramers Ergot. It will be debuting this weekend at the A.P.E.
I will be there, signing books at the Buenaventura Press table on Saturday from 12 to 1, with Johnny Ryan,
and again on Sunday from 11 to 12 with Jaime Hernandez & Sammy Harkham.
Come by & get a giant book signed, or a smaller booklet.
The rest of the time I will probably be loitering at the Sparkplug Comic Books table, selling whatever minicomics I can sneak onto the table. Maybe a new issue of Stun Nuts?

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hello there digital world!
This month, October, I have several drawings on display at Pony Club Gallery alongside the always exciting work by John Hankiewicz, Jason T. Miles, Ryan Iverson, David Youngblood, Jennifer Parks, Andrice Arp, Theo Ellsworth, Ron Rege Jr, and plenty more.
Here's a better post about this show, including postcard image, at the Hi Horse Comics blog
I am having trouble with my computer world these days (scanners, internet, etc) and it is fudging up my blog posting, hopefully I will get it together & you will see more posts soon. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gene Siskel's Ghost

Hello blog readers! If you are in Portland Oregon this week, pick up a copy of the free weekly Portland Mercury. Hopefully your copy includes an insert booklet promoting a sexy movie/art festival thing called SEX PDX. Somewhere in this magazine, between the adult entertainment & smoke shop ads you can find 2 pages of comics, written by Greg Petix, and drawn by Elijah Brubaker & Bobby Madness, and colored by yours truly.
I really enjoyed coloring the original art(!) of these two terrific cartoonists, hopefully the fun shows when you are drunkenly reading them while waiting for the MAX.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Stop Good

Hey, comic art lovers, if you are in Finland this weekend you should go to the Helsinki Comics Festival, where you can take a look at my (very large) original art pages that will soon be in print in Kramers Ergot #7 (Not pictured here).
There will be an exhibit of many giant-sized original pages from this upcoming book, including some by Anders Nilsen, CF, and Matthew Thurber, at least, probably Sammy Harkham, Tom Gauld, and whoever else was willing to have their pages sent to Finland.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

From The Strength Of Robots

Sorry for the lack of postings, I accidentally dropped the internet in the toilet.
I have a full-color two-page comic in the new TYPHON anthology edited by Dirty Danny Hellman!
Click the link & buy this crazy comic collection, it will make you laugh, barf, and maybe even think a little.

Monday, July 28, 2008


My internet is all moldy & stinking up the fridge.
If you are in Portland, OR, please come to the Pony Club Thursday night (July 31st) for an evening with Zak Sally (Sammy the Mouse, Recidivist) & Nate Denver!
More info can be found by cliucking this linjk

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wormy Photostream

The Wormy Apple Now! has been up all month at the Pony Club. Thanks to everyone who has come down to see the artwork, and to the excellent artists for making this show come together exactly as I had hoped.
CLICK HERE for some photos of the artwork and the opening night reception.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Wormy Apple Now!

I am curating this exhibit at the Pony Club gallery in June. Featuring artwork by myself, as well as Vincent Fritz, John Hankiewicz, Ryan Iverson, Jason T. Miles, Onsmith, & Tim Root!
I am very excited to have this great group of artists participating in my show. Please come take a look if you are in Portland in June, it will be worth the trip. The opening night reception is Thursday June 5th, from 6 to 10pm.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Emerald City Comic Book Convention

This weekend I will be attending the Emerald City Comic Book Convention in Seattle, Washington. I will be at the Sparkplug Comic Books table (booth #507). Come by and pick up a copy of Nerd Burglar!
I'll have some of my old DRIP comic booklets & some cheap t-shirts, maybe some other random stuff. If you are in Seattle, stop by & say hello.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Imaginary Civilizations

Oh crap. Somehow I got too busy & forgot to post about the opening night of the May show at the Pony Club gallery, Imaginary Civilizations, curated by Theo Ellsworth. This is a really great show, come by sometime in May to check it out.
I contributed one drawing, but I didn't scan a preview for the blog. These sketches are unrelated filler.