Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inside Out

Kristy Valenti of The Comics Journal has written an overview of my comics work prior to the publication of The Heavy Hand. Click and read about my futile attempts to stave off entropy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Click On Blob Linx

All right, here are some more links promoting The Heavy Hand, click & waste time on the internet!
I have been interviewed by Kristy Valenti at the Comixology website, she also wrote a short article about The Heavy Hand, click and read!
Matthew Dick wrote a good review of The Heavy Hand at the Exquisite Things blog, go check it out!
On The Comix Claptrap podcast featuring an interview with the mighty Zack Soto, Josh Frankel recommends The Heavy Hand during his comic shop chat segment, and the hosts agree that it is a noteworthy new release! Thien, Lark, call me for an interview!
The Heavy Hand shows up on an image-based best of 2010 list from the enigmatic "Sammy" at the Family store blog, and the book is for sale at their store, too!
The legendary Paul Gravett notes the upcoming arrival of The Heavy Hand in his preview catalog blog post, he says "C.C. Cilla is an emergent talent with a knack for off-kilter oddness". Thanks, Paul!
If you are into the book-based social network websites, why not click on some stuff about The Heavy Hand at Goodreads?
Thanks for clicking on my blog linx, and for checking out my artwork.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Video Jukebox Slime

Here is my contribution to the February show at the Pony Club gallery, curated by Emily Nilsson, featuring work representing various scenes from A-Ha's 1985 "Take On Me" music video (?!). The opening night reception is this Thursday, 6 to 10, come take a look Portland, and try not to fall into a parallel dimension of 80s pencil comic book drawing danger.