Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Faque Cartunez at Guapo Comics

The great John Isaacson has organized an art show for Guapo Comics featuring artists creating fake animation cels, in imagined scenes from non-existent cartoons.

He's rounded up a bunch of great artists including Amy Kuttab, Patrick Keck, Elijah Brubaker, and more!
I drew one, excerpted above. I drew on transparent plastic & pained the back with acrylics & attached it to a mixed media background; it was fun! Now I just need to do 50,000 more drawings to make my own animated short film.

The opening reception is this Saturday, June 25th 6-9pm at Guapo Comics and Coffee, 6350 SE Foster, Portland, OR. If you are in Portland, go check it out!

“Forget about half-hour time slots and commercial breaks or product placement; This is a parallel universe of infinite channels where your imagination is the limit. Welcome to fake cartoons; dreams that made you regret waking up are now real”

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Day at the Cilla Factory

Hey faithful blog-checkers! I have a new special offer in my "store" here. Any new orders for The Heavy Hand, prints, or T-shirts will receive a bonus Post-it drawing, while supplies last! These will be selected at random by me, some of the pictured Post-its have already sold. I'll throw in an issue of Stun Nuts also!
Thanks for looking at the blog sketches & reading the promotional materials. Email me with any questions.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Canteen Wine

There's a new review of The Heavy Hand on The Comics Journal website by Rob Clough, go check it out, he has an interesting take.