Friday, December 12, 2008

Photoe Linck Blorg

Click & take a look at some photos of the Golden Tissues show!
Some are from the opening night, some from the walls. I will try and update some of the information, and post close-ups later.

Also: I have been interviewed on the Top Drawer blog, go read it & try not to fall asleep before you reach the bottom of the page.

What else? I also posted some photos of my trip to the A.P.E. comic book convention in S.F. I will also try and write info/names on these soon. Also, I should add more photos.


Just added! Some photos I took at the Portland Comic Book Show 11/11/2007.
I had a good time, and got some decent comic books. If you collect comic books and are in Portland, you should check it out (link): Portland Comic Book Show

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Golden Tissues

I have just finished hanging the artwork for the December show at Pony Club.
If you are Portland during the next couple of weeks, come take a look and freak off.
The opening night reception is the first Thursday of December, the
4th, from 6pm until 10.


Pony Club presents Golden Tissues
A delicious freshly boiled collection of scientifically created,
fantasy fueled factual autopsies, mostly flat, frequently black &
white, some colored pigments, all seeing, all of the time.
featuring artwork by:

Nate Ashley
Chris Cilla
Birch J. Cooper
Theo Ellsworth
Vincent Fritz
Tim Goodyear
John Hankiewicz
Ben Henry
Ryan Iverson
Tom Lechner
Jason T. Miles
Emily Nilsson
Jennifer Parks
Tony Remple
Tim Root
Zack Soto
Mark Thompson
Dylan Williams
James Williams