Thursday, March 24, 2011

CD/FM Radio

Hey blog-readers, do you have a CD player? What about some computer thing where you can play music files? Great! Now click on this link to my friend Nicholab's great Ghostcapital blog, where I have contributed a mix disk, including cover artwork!
This is not an official Heavy Hand soundtrack, but it would probably be good to listen to while reading comic books, or drawing, or washing dishes.
If you had asked me to make you a mix disk while I was drawing The Heavy Hand, it would have sounded a lot like this one.
Ghostcapital has all kinds of choice music info & stuff, you should spend some time browsing the archives...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Running Water

I drew a guest strip for Jesse Reklaw's Slow Wave, go and take a look! Jesse colored my black & white artwork, and it looks good. The strips have a continuity, however bizarre, so go back into the archives and start reading, uh, somewhere...
Thanks to everyone at STAPLE in Austin that came by the Sparkplug table & picked up The Heavy Hand! It was great to hear Mack White & Al Frank talk about comics, Texas, and their years in both.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Barracuda Shark With Bendy Tail

Hello internet enthusiasts! This weekend I will be attending the STAPLE comics convention in Austin, Texas, I'll be at the Sparkplug Comic Books booth, selling minicomics & The Heavy Hand. Please stop by and say hello. Saturday afternoon I will be at a panel featuring the great underground cartoonistsMack White and Al Frank!
I participated in a round table interview about Bound & Gagged, the single-panel anthology edited by Tom Neely which I drew the cover for. Tom & I answer questions alongside Anders Nilsen, Dylan Williams, Chris Wright & Michael DeForge. Click & read, I use one of my patented food metaphors for talking about comics; I employ this strategy often, because when I am thinking about comics I am usually daydreaming about eating food.
Why don't you buy a copy of Wet Paint #2? The above sketchbook image was used by editor Jason T. Miles in his assembly of this anthology magazine.
Thank you for checking out my links. Please contact me if you'd like to purchase original art or minicomics, my email is on this blog somewhere.